Taking care of business.

Taking care of business.

Marcie W. H., age 62

I have felt pretty confident the past few years in managing my life and work. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve become more connected to my community (drawing online with an international drawing collective; advocating with Teaching Artists of the MidAtlantic; Co-leading the Social & Education Team of the Ch/Art group of visual artists in the DC/MD/VA; and also bringing students into the art community.) I’ve formed closer bonds with visual artists and teaching artists. As independent contractors, we’re helping each other. 

Several artist residencies this year had me in schools and in the community, and I was able to attend a workshop in Encaustic Construction for my own Professional Development. In late April 2023, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My surgery (lumpectomy) was no problem. I started chemo in July which ends in November, followed by radiation. I’m fortunate to have very good healthcare and a great oncologist and team. The wonderful support of my family, friends, and students keep my spirits up. 

Naturally, going through treatment for breast cancer is a wakeup call. I want to be here for my family. I am noticing more of the beauty in life and nature and find peace walking in Rock Creek Park.

I feel I’ve become a better teacher, especially since working virtually, I’ve focused on improving my communication, and am succeeding at reaching students individually and creating community in my classes. Finding and sharing other artists with my students inspires us all.

I’m enjoying creating tiny interiors or exteriors (3D dioramas) some of which are autobiographical. They are finished in encaustic painting. Spending time drawing and painting nature and the figure is still my absolute joy.