Motivation of spirit.

Motivation of spirit.

Mary C., age 61

I am delighted to be healthy enough to engage in activities I always wanted to try. I feel satisfied and proud about what I accomplished so far in my life. 

I lived intentionally committed to the joy and responsibilities of raising my three daughters; hoping they improve the world more than I alone ever could. My work in public service, facilitation and collaboration also brought meaning. Now I move to the rest of my life; not to rest but to zest. 

Intergenerational relationships nourish. I have had my share of disappointments and heartbreak. I cultivated a community of older women friends who showed me how to cultivate joy while handle challenges. During challenging injustice and difficulties, I did not compromise myself or my values which reinforced a spirit of trust in optimism which nourishes me. 

I am enjoying getting reacquainted with myself now. I always sensed an artist within but until now did not have supportive circumstances for that practice. I focus on the sense of place; where humans experience nature, the built environment and each other. 

The fact that I can see the horizon of my lifetime motivates me to endeavor on things that matter and bring joy before it is too late. I will evolve through my later decline if need be. I am best in companionship of loved ones who give my life purpose and meaning.