A kind and loving soul.

A kind and loving soul.

Robyn B., age 81

By the time I turned 80, I mellowed. I’m more reflective about my life. However, I still have my impish teenage brain, full of fun and adventure. I’ve always said I’ve lived three life stories. 

#1, starting as a teenager I had 7 children in 8 years. I sewed their clothes, took them on adventures, and loved them full time. Then my ex-husband didn’t want me anymore, so that led me to:

#2, rising from the divorce ached to getting two college degrees and having a career in leading nonprofit agencies such as United Way. I created many programs that still exist today, and I am proud of that. 

I thought I could be more helpful by writing and that is what led me to my third life story.

#3, as an artist and writer I have been able to combine the first two life stories. My accomplishments might seem impressive, but they don't matter that much. The soul of who I am does. I am kind. I am giving. I love beyond measure. And it’s been with me since I was born. I value that. 

I'm 81, fighting lung cancer (and I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, go figure) which is why being kind is so important to me. Be kind to ourselves, to others and to God. 

The second you are born, you are one second closer to dying. So what you do today is what matters. And I do that with a grin.