She is her authentic self through and through.

She is her authentic self through and through.

Susan LK.

Through the intricate tapestry of aging, I’ve woven threads of experience into the fabric of my life. With the passage of time, I’ve gathered pearls of wisdom, discerning life's true essence and shedding the trivial concerns that once bound me. The beauty of the present moment unfolds like a delicate flower, and I relish simple pleasures, like nurturing my garden and watching the sunset from my hot tub. Age graces me with newfound freedoms and the acceptance of my imperfect self. My insatiable appetite for new adventures continues.

While the mirror reflects the passage of time, I feel the same inside. The wisdom gained through the experience of living is not always welcomed.  I’ve experienced ageism in stores, at the gym, and with my family. They may not see me, but I am not invisible and it’s their loss to disregard me. Physical strength may diminish, but I’ve learned to know when to forge ahead and when to gracefully retreat. These challenges are but chapters in the narrative of life, reminding me of the unpredictability that makes my journey unique.

 I can now embark more deeply on an inner voyage, a journey of self-discovery through continued learning, exploration, and perseverance. 

At this time, I await the upcoming birth of my grandson. I look forward to feeling his small hands on my neck and soothing his cries. I have more patience now. I will be the one who spoils him, takes him on unforgettable journeys, and shows him the beauty of nature.