Nurturing is the instinctive response to an open heart.

Nurturing is the instinctive response to an open heart.

GG, age 71

My life, like a lot of women, seems to have been centered on taking care of and nurturing others. I like being helpful.

My early years were less than ideal, they included a lot of adults who drank too much, and men moving in and out. As a teenager, I left home and found solace in what would become my in-law's house, a happy, loving family that welcomed me with open arms.

My husband and I have been married for over 50 years; I don’t know where the time has gone but it has been good. We live in rural Montana on a farm and have raised three wonderful kids together and they have blessed us with seven grandchildren. I make an effort to be a part of all of my kids' and grandkids' lives. They bring me such joy but it is more than that, I want to give them the love and security I didn’t feel as a child.

When my children were young I experienced the sudden onset of Meniere’s disease. It left me with extreme vertigo and hearing loss. After a few years, the vertigo improved but the hearing loss continues to this day. My faith and the support of my family helped me adapt to the changes in my life. My world is quieter than most, but I think sometimes that has its advantages.

I don’t think much about aging or growing old, but mark time by counting the happy memories and seeing my grandbabies grow into beautiful adults.