She strives to see things from a universal perspective.

She strives to see things from a universal perspective.

Jane CS., age 63

I was lucky to born into a supportive, nomadic family. We moved every couple of years, and although it was hard at the time to be the New Kid, it was great in that through travel I gained an expanded acceptance of others’ points of view and culture. That experience, along with my artist mother, fostered an appreciation for creative expression and its importance to our freedoms and voice.

While strides have been made in the U.S. since women were considered property, we still have far to go, and recently have lost hard-fought ground. When rights for women are allowed to atrophy, authoritarian societies flourish. Add to that equation ageism, and the inequality intensifies. While I’ve experienced those discriminations through lower paychecks, sexual advances when younger, and an increasing invisibility while older, it hasn’t stopped me from achieving goals of being a corporate buyer, wife and mother, artist, and educator. As an older woman, I’m part of a demographic with heftier wallets and purchasing power, deserving of basic human respect. Advertisers, politicians, et al., take note!

Some health issues aside, I feel good. Relationships are appreciated more with each passing year. Through my actions and art, I hope to leave a mark that matters.

Cherish every moment.