Generates collective creativity.

Generates collective creativity.

Twinkle Z., age 73

I was asked the question, “What you are doing now and how does this help others and/or bring you joy."  I can say I am blessed to have received great joy from pursuing my current artistic passion, while also helping our “Artist Collective” pursue theirs.

I feel fortunate to be in my 70s to be able to do physically and mentally what I want and have a family and friends who seek the same adventures as long as we possibly can. I have a wonderful spouse who is vested in my artistic pursuits and is our family’s anchor in all we do. We love being involved with our 2 children and their families as well as enjoy travel and skiing in the winter. My husband, Rich fills part of his time with our granddaughter and I get to go to my studio and paint every day. 

Following an extremely gratifying (Joy!) 24-year Nordstrom career, ultimately as VP Creative Director, I was able to refocus and return to my passion for fine art painting and drawing. I had the good luck to find a space that was large enough for both a painting studio and a gallery space. That building also housed an inspiring community of like-minded creative artists.

My studio and gallery allow me to show my work, but also to show others' work, including providing a supportive environment to a group of Nordstrom emerging artist friends, who are pursuing their creative interests, painting, throwing pottery, making jewelry, and creating textiles, some for the first time.

In collaboration with a neighboring artist, we established a gallery concept where we invite 10 artists to participate in our “ARTIST COLLECTIVE SHOW.” Now we produce group shows with our Artist Collective, 2-3 times a year.

It has been wonderful for us to show our work together, in a professional, but festive atmosphere. We have had terrific turnouts, and it has allowed me to connect with so many people, and sell some work. It is a great source of joy to be able to pursue my artistic passion and support our emerging “Artist Collective.”