Shines bright enough to rekindle the light of others.

Shines bright enough to rekindle the light of others.

Veronica, age 72

Life was full of darkness. Locked doors, blinds drawn. I had lacked the childhood experience so many others were fortunate to have. Like a wilted plant without light and proper nutrients, I couldn't thrive, couldn't grow. I was young in number of years but aged in mentality and will. 

At 13, I ran with a paper bag to a favorite relative. At times I would stop to look back and see if anyone followed. Nope! As always, I was alone and surrounded by darkness. 

I left behind control, sadness, loneliness, and fear. I promised myself to build the life I longed for. Support, a soft touch, encouragement, play, fun times, laughter, family & friends. I would build and gather all it took to add light and glitter to my canvas of life.

I now find a beautiful work of art that I've proudly created with my husband, children, grandchildren, and friends. Being the light of hope for others. A kind smile, deep friendships, encouraging others where and when needed. My light shines bright, and I'm always ready to rekindle others when theirs may dim. 

When I was a child, I was forced into maturity, forced to make decisions no child should have to make. And now as an older adult, I feel young at heart. I pull from the youth around me—my children, my grandkids. I enjoy their innocence, their playfulness, their creativity, and see through their lens. I'm joyous and grateful for each day, living very much in the present. I left all the darkness behind and continue to add new strokes and new colors to my canvas of life.