The Son’s Perspective

Meet Alex Schechter, son of Watermark resident Eddie Schechter

“In a similar way that Watermark has given him his life back it’s also allowed me to have my own life… I get emotional when I think about this but I’m able to do things and not worry about him. That is really nice.”
– Alex Schechter

Alex’s Take – A Burden Lifted, A Vibrant Life Restored

Alex’s father, Eddie, was a brilliant marketing executive at the pinnacle of his career when he suddenly began experiencing significant health issues. Alex sidelined parts of his own life to help save his dad’s. Hospitalizations followed by failed attempts at in-home care and several different residential programs left Eddie feeling empty. He didn’t want to “just sit around and stare at a wall.” Finally, after two years of constant exploration, the family found just the right senior living setting at a Watermark retirement community where Eddie thrives right through a pandemic.
Before Eddie discovered Watermark, his son Alex shouldered a heavy care burden. Afterward, even at the height of the pandemic, Alex said, “I don’t have to worry about my dad at all, you know. I know he is in great care.” Grateful to have traded sleepless nights for a healthier lifestyle for himself, Alex appreciates quality visits with his dad – even those that took place eight stories below his window.
Alex wanted one thing: for his dad to be OK. He got so much more than that. Senior living has helped Eddie thrive again. His entire family is grateful.


Professional portraits taken by a renowned photographer capture the human spirit and celebrate the people of senior living.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with candid moments captured while the individuals featured in this special series shared their personal stories and perspectives about the impact of senior living on film.
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