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Watermark University

For the Love of Learning

Because variety is the spice of life and belly laughs with friends sweeten the journey.

It’s no secret that we feel our best when our mental and physical health are in harmony. We invite you to immerse yourself in invigorating programs that stimulate your mind, keep your body strong, and expand your horizons through our award-winning Watermark University. Take life by the horns, and embrace your cherished passions or try something new.

Discover new ways to connect, grow, and learn with an irresistible calendar of Watermark University classes, events, programs, and outings. Whether you choose to paint your next masterpiece with watercolors, find balance in a group yoga class, learn a new language, dance the day away in ballroom dancing, sink your fingers into clay in a sculpture workshop, or discover the art of flower arranging, the choices are yours. There really is something for everyone.

What inspires you? We look forward to learning all about your dreams and interests. If there isn’t a class that speaks to you, help us create something new. Watermark University breathes new life into enriching experiences for all levels of engagement, with classes taught by residents, associates, and local experts including museum curators, university professors, and world-renowned doctors.