WaterMarks: Signature Programs


Programs are created to embody the heart and soul of the people who thrive here.

Nowhere but in Watermark communities can you find such a diverse array of unique programs designed to support an engaged life of fulfillment. Our passion for innovation and commitment to finding creative solutions have driven the development of numerous “WaterMarks,” our nickname for Signature Programs. 

Many of these Signature Programs have garnered awards and been recognized as best practices in senior living — but that’s not why we created them. We created them because we believe every individual deserves a life filled with purpose, possibility, and joy.

Our options, service, and atmosphere will make you forget you’re in a retirement community. If you wouldn’t have it in your own home, you won’t find it at a Watermark community — no scrubs, medication carts, intercoms, or institutional-sounding call bells. You’ll discover friendly professionals delivering care on your schedule, not ours. You’ll hear lively conversations and laughter from Watermark University classes, clubs, and friendly neighbors gathering. Those expecting drab dining will delight in chef-prepared cuisine on china with linen or fresh, on-the-go meals from our bistro-style cafés. Our environments are “like home” because they are home — a home where you can thrive.

Watermark University

Discover new ways to connect, grow, and learn with an irresistible calendar of Watermark University classes, events, programs, and outings led by our very own residents, associates, and local experts.
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Thrive Memory Care

Through our partnership with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, our specialized Nayas provide thoughtful care and support driven by empathy, understanding, and loving purpose.
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A chef holding a plated meal

Gourmet Bites Cuisine

This groundbreaking signature program enhances your independence and brings back the joys of dining. Devour protein-packed, nutritionally balanced meals served as bite-sized hors d’oeurvres. No assistance and no utensils needed.
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elderly woman on the treadmill


360Well is Watermark's exclusive, integrative wellness program designed to promote overall health and well-being, and rooted in the four key circles of wellness — mind, body, spirit, and community.
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a man assisting a woman exiting a car

Extraordinary Outings

Extraordinary Outings defy traditional expectations of what’s possible for residents in senior living, stepping beyond the ordinary to create meaningful experiences and joyful, lasting memories.
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two women chatting

Watermark at Home

When you need additional support here and there, we’ve got you covered. We deliver personalized care and service plans – and peace of mind – right to your door.
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elderly woman with virtual reality goggles and controllers


Watermark’s virtual reality program uses cutting-edge technology to create interactive, virtual experiences that engage, inspire, and entertain.
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elderly woman and her daughter laughing

Brain Café

Science-based memory training, delivered in collaboration with the UCLA Longevity Center, helps sharpen your cognitive abilities, enhance your memory habits, and resolve common memory complaints.
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two residents chatting on the sofa

Resident Ambassadors

To make your welcome warmer, fellow residents share insider knowledge, make introductions, help you get settled, and share tips for easing into community life.
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elderly gentleman riding his bike on an outdoor path


Venture outdoors with us, and take a spin on the Thricycle. Enjoy a leisurely ride along community paths and throughout the surrounding neighborhood for some fresh air and great conversation.
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two residents sitting at a table laughing and enjoying their lunch with two other residents

Flexible Spending Plan

Maximize your freedom, prioritize what you want, and budget life around your choices. Enjoy a credit you can put toward dining, amenities, or other services. No two days look exactly alike, so why should your budget?
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