The Resident's Perspective

Meet George McKeon, a Watermark resident for nearly six years

“Watermark has improved my quality of life by removing the need for me to worry about some of the stuff that goes on around me. While Joyce was alive, they removed the need for me to worry about her on a daily basis, because I knew that she was in good hands and being taken care of.”
– George McKeon

George’s Take – Planning Ahead Pays in Spades

While living in a 55+ community, George invested nine months exploring senior living options before choosing Watermark. Since he didn’t wait for a crisis to force his hand, he got his choice of apartments with renovations from top to bottom. He was well-settled when a personal health crisis erupted. While hospitalized for 10 days, he felt grateful he did not have to worry about his wife Joyce. He knew Watermark had his back. The same was true when the pandemic hit. Nobody was prepared for something like COVID-19, but with Watermark’s reassurances, everybody adapted. George appreciated ordering meals selected from Watermark’s menu as well as meals delivered from his favorite restaurants, which he shared over virtual conversations with his Watermark neighbors on Zoom. Instead of feeling isolated at home, George and his neighbors uplifted their spirits with karaoke and happy hours in the hallway. Whereas those living in isolation may have experienced increased rates of depression, George describes his overall experience during the pandemic as quite positive, describing how Watermark went out of its way to make living there very pleasant.


Professional portraits taken by a renowned photographer capture the human spirit and celebrate the people of senior living.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with candid moments captured while the individuals featured in this special series shared their personal stories and perspectives about the impact of senior living on film.
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