Meet Jack and Lyndsay,
son and granddaughter of Watermark resident Dee Levin

“I think Watermark did an outstanding job, considering nobody’s been through this [pandemic] before. They were way ahead of the curve. I never thought that she was unsafe. Never.”
– Jack Levin
“I think they handled it really well. She told me all of the protocols that they went by in order to keep everybody safe and healthy. Her meals were being brought into the apartment, and they were testing everybody. It was a huge relief that I knew she was safe.”
– Lindsay Hymson

Jack and Lindsay’s Take – Don’t Let Misconceptions Fool You

When Dee Levin first informed her family she was moving to the Watermark, they were a little skeptical. Jack was worried a senior living community wouldn’t offer enough action for his vivacious mother. Granddaughter Lindsay thought senior living was drab decor with a bed and a boring cafeteria where everybody is miserable. Allowing misconceptions to be replaced by facts, their worries vanished.
Lindsay loves spending one-on-one time with her grandmother at the Watermark. During their weekends together, she enjoys meeting Dee’s friends, hearing their stories and appreciating the experiences that shape their opinions.
With Dee as active as ever, Jack feels mostly grateful that she’s safe and secure. When the pandemic hit, he praised Watermark for keeping everyone fully informed with emails, phone calls and Zoom events. To Lindsay’s relief, Dee took the pandemic in stride, her sense of humor intact. With all the ups and downs her grandmother’s generation has been through, Lindsay figures staying home for a bit because something was going on outside was just a drop in the bucket.


Professional portraits taken by a renowned photographer capture the human spirit and celebrate the people of senior living.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with candid moments captured while the individuals featured in this special series shared their personal stories and perspectives about the impact of senior living on film.
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