The Family's Perspective

Meet Linda Luessenhop, daughter-in-law of Watermark resident Elaine Lewis

“During the [height of the] pandemic, at first I wanted to bring her to our house, but they’ve been really proactive in making sure that everyone was notified if there were any changes to anything and what they’ve done to keep it safe and sanitized. I’ve felt very comfortable having her there.”
– Linda Luessenhop

Linda’s Take – Elaine is in Her Element

When Elaine briefly moved in with one of her four sons, Don and his wife Linda, she was alone all day while they worked. There was no room for her to paint and little to no opportunity for her to feel a sense of purpose. Linda never would have considered sending anyone to a “facility.” However, once Elaine chose a Watermark community, Linda’s entire perspective on the matter changed.
Now that she can see how Elaine is thriving, Linda feels that moving to a senior living community was exactly the right decision for her mother-in-law. Elaine is very independent. She has her own one-bedroom apartment. She can come and go as she pleases. She has all her meals served to her. And she has friends her own age. Plus, she paints to her heart’s delight and even teaches art classes to her neighbors. As Linda says, “She’s in her element.” Furthermore, the pandemic has taught Linda to view the people who work at these communities as everyday heroes.


Professional portraits taken by a renowned photographer capture the human spirit and celebrate the people of senior living.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with candid moments captured while the individuals featured in this special series shared their personal stories and perspectives about the impact of senior living on film.
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