The Daughter's Perspective

Meet Nancy Alter, daughter of an eight-year Watermark Resident

“During the pandemic, I felt that Watermark was really taking very good care of my mother and keeping her safe. I never ever thought about moving her. I think everybody really is trying to do the right thing there. And I think they’re doing a good job.”
– Nancy Alter

Nancy’s Take – Vitality is So Important

Senior living can be a very rich part of your life if you are open to it. Just ask Nancy Alter. It took some convincing but once her mom, Mitzi, moved to a Watermark community, she not only saw the light, but she glowed in its warmth: friendships with people her own age, dinners and happy hours, movies and concerts, exercise and art classes. Nancy even contributes to her mom’s vibrant lifestyle as a volunteer. Teaching printmaking, she shares her gifts and forges rich relationships, rewarding her in ways she never imagined.
A daughter like Nancy understands aging parents need much more than safety and support; they need a life that’s worth living. Mitzi may require more physical care now than when she moved years ago, but her senior living setting still indulges her passions and purpose. She partakes in simple pleasures like painting, getting a manicure and FaceTiming with her family during the pandemic. No doubt, the pandemic has challenged everyone to adapt. Nancy commends Watermark for being ahead of the curve. Until Nancy can resume teaching and hold her mother’s hand again, she appreciates everything Watermark is doing to keep everyone safe, engaged and informed.


Professional portraits taken by a renowned photographer capture the human spirit and celebrate the people of senior living.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with candid moments captured while the individuals featured in this special series shared their personal stories and perspectives about the impact of senior living on film.
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