The Associate's Perspective

Meet Roger Mallery, a Watermark Community Fitness Trainer

“Of all that we try to do for the residents, the “e” word, “empathy” is the key to everything. This is not just working with older people; this is having your life touched by other human beings.”
– Roger Mallery

Roger’s Take – Essentially It’s the Essence of Humanity

Roger considers it an honor and a privilege to serve Watermark residents. His title is that of fitness instructor, but he motivates people to reach wellness goals in fitness and beyond. Roger believes rote exercise is boring, so he puts a little samba into everything he does. Combining his lifetime love of sports and coaching with his personal passion for helping people thrive in every way, Roger inspires people to connect with their individual purpose and passion for life itself. Recognizing him as integral to the daily well-being of residents, Watermark designated him an essential worker during the pandemic. His relationships and daily interactions with residents continued to contribute to their very essence. He had to learn how to adapt his fitness classes virtually to Zoom, and he had to be astute enough to recognize that for some, that wasn’t enough. Sometimes, he made an impact by simply phoning his clients to wish them a good morning. Perhaps he would ask, had they seen the sunrise? And by keeping that human connection alive, he helped residents thrive through the toughest of times, whether they were dancing, kickboxing or even walking 10 paces to a place in the sun.


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