Unscripted and Candid​

Raw and real, a project honoring and celebrating senior living across America with a 360-degree series of candid, unscripted interviews that divulge behind-the-scenes moments of the lives of families, residents, community associates and professional partners. Listen to these relatable voices of experience, and discover why senior living communities are the preferred choice for millions nationwide, including more than 20,000 Watermark residents, families and associates. This is senior living – and humanity – at its best. 
Watch these stories of hope and inspiration straight from the source, then give us a call to schedule a virtual tour of a community near you.
In this exclusive short documentary about the impact of senior living, families, residents, community associates and health care professionals share their candid perspectives, and provide an unscripted glimpse into senior living and how it supports generations of people. In these unprecedented and extraordinary times, their honest stories of humanity and senior living’s positive impact on family relationships are more valuable now than ever before. Embark on this captivating behind-the-scenes journey with everyday stories and never-before-seen footage of what life is really like at a senior community.
Then, take a closer look below into the lives of each individual, as they each tell their story from their unique perspective, and learn why they all believe senior living is the best and safest choice.

The Family Perspective

Family members share the essence of what they all want for their loved ones: to know they’re safe, well-cared for and enjoying all the things they love in a supportive environment. During such uncertain times when families may have been encouraged to move their loved ones out of senior living, these families were even more convinced that a senior community was the safest place. With peace of mind, these family members can rest easier knowing their loved ones are truly thriving all the way through a pandemic.
The Son’s Perspective
The Son’s Perspective
The Son and Granddaughter’s Perspective
The Family's Perspective
The Daughter’s Perspective

The Resident Perspective

Residents explain how senior living offers them peace of mind and plentiful opportunities to stay connected, engaged, safe and supported even in the face of unexpected challenges. They describe why living in a senior community is the safest place for them and why it’s an ideal alternative to living alone in a house or with their children. They discuss what worry-free, service-supported living means to them, including the importance of socializing safely, gaining independence, diving into passions that bring them joy, having immediate access to care, and how not even a pandemic could stop them from thriving now.
The Independent Living Perspective
The Assisted Living Perspective
The Independent Living Perspective
The Memory Care Perspective
The Independent Living Perspective

The Associate Perspective

Senior living communities celebrate the human spirit each day, and associates are inspired by residents’ resilience, hope and optimism even in the face of challenging times. These essential front-line workers and heroes step up each day and go above and beyond to provide care and support. Dedicated to supporting seniors, they provide joy, build relationships with residents and families, and help them thrive safely each day. Associates know what brings each resident happiness and fulfillment, and they have helped residents stay connected with family, order groceries online and so much more. Residents are like family, and helping seniors thrive is more than just a job. It’s a way of life.
The Community Life Associate's Perspective
The Fitness Trainer's Perspective
The Membership Director's Perspective

The Health Care Professional Perspective

Outside health care professionals with firsthand knowledge of senior living and in-home care explain that senior living is the best and safest option for their clients, patients and families. That’s never been more evident than throughout Watermark’s handling of a most unprecedented challenge. These senior living advocates choose to partner with Watermark communities because of their commitment to excellence. Here, they explain why the different levels of support available only in a senior living community can help create better health outcomes for senior living residents, which, in turn, enables them to live richer lives.
The Medical Doctor's Perspective
The Occupational Therapist's Perspective
The Physical Therapist's Perspective
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