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Every Interaction Matters

Can you remember a time when someone stopped what they were doing, truly listened to you with their undivided attention and provided just what you needed at that moment? In some cases, it was just listening. In others, it was taking action to ensure your needs were met. This level of presence is what’s at the heart of our vision and the Watermark culture. How we treat one person reflects outward and makes a difference beyond that single interaction.

We know the outcomes, but we do it because it feels great. It’s just what we do, it’s simply who we are. It doesn’t have to be a big effort or undertaking because it’s the little things that matter. Every day, every interaction is an opportunity to notice the person in front of you. How will you use this moment and opportunity? You are the key — you have the power to create ripples, impact lives and be part of this extraordinary Watermark community where people thrive.

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Ripples at the Heart of Our Culture

At Watermark, we recruit, train, motivate and promote individuals who share our commitment to creating extraordinary and innovative communities where people thrive. Experience has taught us that helping people thrive goes beyond creating beautiful, welcoming, vibrant communities with extraordinary experiences, outstanding services and amenities. It turns out, helping people thrive is much more about the little things, and we call these ripples.

Why ripples? Picture a body of calm, clear water. Imagine yourself gently tossing in a pebble and watch the ripples that result. See the concentric circles undulating and emanating from the impact. With each ripple, the wave travels further and further, gently rising and falling, building momentum and extending to the water’s farthest edges.

Creating ripples at Watermark is not so different. Ripples begin when a Watermark associate offers an act of kindness, an uplifting word, provides gentle guidance or pauses to be present in interactions. The simple act of listening to a story creates a ripple and the basis for an extraordinary community where people thrive. These Watermark ripples are at the heart of who we are, and our associates are the key. Their authentic, intrinsically motivated acts are the pebbles that make the ripples that create our culture. Whether we are interacting with residents, families, vendors or fellow associates, every interaction matters. Take a moment. Seize every opportunity to create a ripple. Make a difference.

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Telling the Story

David Freshwater and David Barnes
discuss the Watermark vision

Why  We Make Ripples At Watermark

Leadership Pathways Program

We’re continuously on the lookout for dedicated and conscientious associates who are passionate every day about learning and working hard to achieve their greatest potential. We truly enjoy creating opportunities for advancement for those associates who are willing to partner with us to pursue their chosen careers. Our Pathways Program illustrates the steps it takes to qualify for positions, including:

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Dining Services
  • Sales Director
  • Program Director
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Director of Nursing Services

Partner with us so we can help you develop your own Leadership Pathway in a rewarding career with Watermark.

Our Commitment to a Positive Culture

For more than 30 years, Watermark has been committed to creating extraordinary and innovative communities where residents and associates thrive. We learned early on that the way to accomplish true, lasting, life-impacting thriving is through our culture, shaped by our vision and operating principles which guide us in every action, every day. These actions, words create what we call ripples, and these ripples are the basis of our Watermark culture.

To create and sustain our ripples culture, every interaction matters. Associates are expected to demonstrate customer service leadership and create positive ripples through their interactions with each and every resident, associate, family member and guest.

We recognize that culture is created by associates and we support them by recruiting, hiring and training individuals who will positively contribute to our teams and culture. Along with recruiting for skills, experience, attitude and talent, we hire those who will be a great cultural fit. We actively seek candidates who want to make a difference by creating positive ripples and avoiding negative ripples.

Positive ripples bring smiles and a feeling of belonging, friendship and satisfaction. But what are negative ripples? Examples might be walking past a resident struggling with something and not offering assistance. Sharing personal information about a resident or associate with another. Voicing disrespectful comments or not being welcoming to all people regardless of their race, gender, LGBT status, faith or heritage. Any act or words which do not advance our exceptional culture are considered negative ripples.

At Watermark we celebrate and acknowledge positive ripples and when it comes to negative ripples, we’re committed to remaining in what we call a state of constant improvement. When negative ripples occur, we provide coaching, counseling, verbal and written notices. We follow the steps outlined in our policies for serious offenses, which may include suspension or termination due to creating negative ripples. We are unequivocally committed to fostering positive ripples and eliminating negative ripples across the entire Watermark culture, in every community, coast to coast.

Our teams understand they are accountable for how they treat others and they are observant for positive ripple opportunities. They want to bring joy to those around them and they take great pride in their power to create ripples, impact lives and be a contributing part of the Watermark culture.

About Watermark

At Watermark Retirement Communities, we’re committed to creating extraordinary and innovative communities where people thrive.

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Watermark currently manages 58 communities in 21 states, including CCRCs, standalone independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in addition to Medicare-certified rehabilitation and skilled nursing neighborhoods.

With the intent to dramatically improve the quality of life of the residents we serve, Watermark has led the way in the development of transformative programs that support not only residents’ physical and intellectual health but also their emotional and spiritual well-being. What’s more, Watermark is certified as a Great Place to Work by Fortune Magazine.