Why Move?

Do you have interests that keep you engaged, get out often to see friends, stay fit, eat well, and seem genuinely interested in what tomorrow may bring?

Woman embracing her smiling husband, leaning against a tree

There is no doubt that it can be difficult to consider moving from the home that you may have lived in for many years or from an already down-sized spot that fit just right. But you are here reading this invitation to consider moving to a senior living community, so let’s ponder a few questions that might help you in your decision.

In truth, this can be a time of figuring out some things about yourself that perhaps you have not had occasion to consider for a long time. When is the last time you got to ask yourself what makes you happy? And do something about it.

When it comes to how we like to structure our day, we’re all different. Some like lots of activities, others not. Whatever the pace of the day, engagement is the essential element for continued all round well-being. Do you feel engaged? Is there anything you would like to have in your everyday life that you don’t have now? Something that might be renewing? Has it been a good long time since you did some drumming or rode in a bright yellow bi-plane? Then there’s always jumping out of a plane.

One of the things that senior living offers is a ready community of peers. Would you enjoy more companionship? Many senior living communities offer opportunities for group outings and travel. Would you enjoy an afternoon of learning to arrange flowers or meeting international students from a nearby university?

As we age, it is often welcoming to have reliable help nearby. Can you imagine feeling more secure every day? What would help with that?

And then there is food, sumptuous food! What is the optimal way for you to really enjoy your meals? Would you like having someone cook for you? Perhaps you like discovering new recipes, learning to cook new ones in the company of your epicurious friends and neighbors. And perhaps a favorite weekly outing might take you directly to the local farmers’ market. Senior living communities offer many options for dining.

These are just a few things to think about as you ponder a move to a senior living setting.