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Moving Made Easy

There’s no better time to start than now.

How do you pack up and leave a home filled with memories and treasures? While downsizing can sound scary, you probably have plenty of stuff you don’t need. The trick is to keep the best and leave the rest. It’s called “rightsizing.” And you’ll have help along the way.

Senior communities have knowledgeable team members who help residents every day as they prepare for and make big moves. Local companies also cater to seniors. You can attend workshops on moving and get hands-on assistance to make the whole process as painless as possible.

6 Tips for Rightsizing

  1. Declutter - No, you don’t need those old phone bills or that shirt that never fit right. Shred, toss, or give away anything obvious that just takes up space. 
  2. Take Your Time - Don’t try to pack all at once. Limit yourself to an hour or two a day. Play music, take breaks, make it as stress-free as possible.
  3. Keep a List - There’s a lot to do, and making a list will keep you organized. It takes less time to write it down now than to go back later for something you forgot. 
  4. Distribute Keepsakes - Tell any family members that it’s time for them to collect school trophies, prom dresses, and other items you’ve kindly been storing for them.
  5. Key Documents - Assemble all deeds, wills, medical records, birth certificates, passports, and other vital documents. Keep them all in one place, and let family members know where they are.
  6. Keep What Matters Most - Pick your favorite artwork, easy chair, travel mementos, and such to make your new apartment feel like home. Take pictures of the rest and enjoy your memories.