How to Help Seniors Hard of Hearing

Working in Sales at Watermark Retirement Communities

We are uncovering better ways of selling senior housing by inspiring salespeople, prospects and families to have a breakthrough in their lives. It may sound a little like corporate-speak, but it is something that we truly believe in. The senior housing industry is often about clinically qualifying seniors, understanding their diagnosis or ailments and providing a solution. At a Watermark community, we believe in something fundamentally different. We are focused on what someone can do, not what they cannot.

Working in the Watermark sales family is most likely not what you would expect. Although we are certainly committed to full and healthy communities, we don’t believe you get there by simply making more calls, qualifying people, giving discounts and doing “check in” calls. We believe the focus should be on collaboration with each prospect and family whether they are ready to move in or simply just thinking about the concept. Everyone deserves our attention, our interest and above all we simply like to get to know everyone on a personal level. Unscripted, authentic interactions with each person who we talk to is where relationships are formed. We live to help everyone bring something new into their life, new possibilities, whether it be seniors, their families or our associates themselves.

 We hand-pick each and every salesperson that joins the family. If our approach sounds like something you are up for, we’d be honored to hear from you. Please send your resume to:

Deb Penn
Director of Recruiting

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