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What Is Ageless?


Celebrating the power of the human spirit.

Watermark’s latest campaign, Ageless, shines a spotlight on what sparks the human spirit at any age and the gifts we carry within us for a lifetime. To better explain the Watermark experience, we’ve turned to the experts: our residents. They inspire us as they find ways to realize old dreams and discover new ones at Watermark’s communities. They graciously share personal stories of friendship, laughter, creativity, love, music, traditions, and even some healthy competition on the bocce court. 

At all Watermark communities across the country, caring associates and enriching programs make it possible for residents to explore new adventures, engage in thrilling experiences, and make new connections that open hearts and minds. They enjoy endless opportunities to expand their capacity for friendship, kindness, creativity, and compassion. 

In each of our welcoming communities — from California to New York and everything in between — a world of opportunity awaits. It’s easy to pursue a cherished passion, rekindle your zest for an abandoned hobby, or explore something different that piques your curiosity. The best part? New friends embrace you with open arms, and an entire community celebrates you and supports your interests.

A few stories have touched countless people already: a woman found her best friend and kindred spirit at age 97; a group that makes beautiful music together on their ukuleles; and one longstanding knitting club that makes sweaters for kids in need.

At Watermark, our residents say it best. We’re proud to let them speak for us.


Why choose a Watermark community?

In every Watermark community, you’ll find endless amenities, caring experts, and an environment that fosters each person’s growth. Based on more than 30 years of leadership in senior living, our approach focuses on what people can do, never on what they can’t. Residents find the support, friendship, and connection that help them thrive every day. 

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