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Choice is always on the menu here.

At The Watermark at Bellevue, the art of dining is elevated to match the gastronomic spirit of downtown Bellevue. Dive into an array of enticing culinary selections, from gourmet delights to casual bistro pleasures. Our signature eateries encapsulate soulful culinary adventures, where our chefs craft dishes using the freshest ingredients, including herbs harvested from our grounds. Each day, residents can enjoy coffee, fresh pastries, and gourmet snacks in our café. This isn’t just dining – it’s a journey to invigorate the body, mind, and soul.

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We take pride in presenting meticulously crafted dishes that exude elegance and flavor. From the succulent steaks and perfectly grilled chops that take center stage, to the delicate soups, crisp salads, and hearty sandwiches that complement them, every plate tells a story of passion and precision. Whether celebrating a special occasion or indulging in a casual meal, our dining room offers a feast for both the palate and the eyes.

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A bowl of soup and a sandwich.
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Evergreen Point Bistro

Infused with a relaxed and rejuvenating vibe, the Evergreen Point Bistro is the go-to place for those moments when you crave something more laid-back. Whether indulging in a light bite or settling in for a comfortable evening, our bistro promises warmth, flavor, and camaraderie at every turn.

Donuts and a cup of coffee.
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North of Main Coffee and Café

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing bite between activities or the perfect spot to catch up with friends, North of Main is the spot. Our diverse menu offers an array of coffee choices and light fare. 

Salmon with asparagus on a plate.
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The Mark

Every meal is a sophisticated journey at The Mark. Here, carefully curated dishes combine tradition with innovation, promising a sensory delight. It’s not just about eating; it’s about indulging in a fine dining experience where elevated fare meets impeccable service.

The entry into Taboon.
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Immerse yourself in the allure of the Mediterranean at Taboon. Our menu is an ode to ancient culinary traditions, marrying fresh ingredients with timeless recipes. Every bite, from savory entrées to luscious desserts, is crafted to transport you to sun-kissed shores.

Dining on the balcony at sunset.
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Skyline Lounge

Perched on the 20th floor, the Skyline Lounge is where luxury meets panoramic views. As the city skyline stretches before you, sip on signature cocktails and savor meticulously crafted hors d’oeuvres. 

A private dining area.
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Vue is the epitome of private dining sophistication. With a setting that speaks of elegance and a menu that celebrates culinary artistry, it’s the perfect spot to host dinner parties that linger in memories. Every detail, from the ambience to the plating, is tailored to impress.

Gourmet bites.

Gourmet Bites Cuisine

Protein-packed, nutritionally balanced meals served as bite-sized hors d’oeuvres. No assistance needed.
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Flexible Spending Plan

Enjoy a credit you can put toward dining, amenities, or other services.
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Looking to join our team? Explore all career opportunities.

Fill in the form, or call us at either 425-332-5098  (Independent Living) or 425-504-8001 (Assisted Living & Memory Care) to learn more.

Looking to join our team? Explore all career opportunities.