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Celebrating Our Community

Because we're better together.

When we work together, we all thrive. So we’ve built partnerships with local organizations to help you maintain an active and independent lifestyle. These lasting bonds let us connect and engage with residents of all ethnicities and identities through wellness, knowledge, and self-discovery.

We encourage diversity and a warm, inviting, and inclusive environment for everyone. Our partners share our values, too. So no matter who you are, you’re welcome just the way you are.

Physical therapist talking to an elderly african american man sitting on a fitness ball outdoors

Aging in Place Healthcare

Maintaining your independence is refreshingly simple with the right support team. Aging in Place Healthcare works with us to provide personal care and assistance when you need it. Even better, they make house calls and their office is conveniently located right in our building. They’ll be available 24/7 to provide an array of services, including expert physical therapy. Call us to schedule a visit, and drop by to see for yourself.

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Come As You Are

Let's celebrate diversity.

Watermark has partnered with SAGECare in order to create a more inclusive and understanding community environment. With more than 7 million LGBTQ+ people projected to be 65 or older within the next decade, we are prepared to provide the utmost quality care as we welcome LGBTQ+ aging adults with open arms.

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We’re happy you’re here.

Fill in the form, or call us at 816-257-5100 to learn more.