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Good Health Promotion Brings New Green Space

April 07 2023
A woman in a green space outdoors.
At The Fountains at Greenbriar we have been striving to always be innovative with current trends for health initiatives. As a result, we have finally introduced our community campus as a smoke free environment. This left us with a new use of our third floor Gazebo space, which previously was dedicated as a smoking area, but in light of our new changes we had an opportunity presented to us...what do we do with this space now?

That was precisely the question that Community Life Director, Jason Barrett and Community Life Assistant, Karol Swain were asking themselves. After an afternoon of brainstorming and discussion, the genesis of their breakthrough project began to take shape. For those who aren't familiar with the language of a breakthrough project, it simply means to identify a breakdown and then work through opportunities for new possibilities and through an organic working process the breakdown becomes a breakthrough. This definitely was the process for Karol and Jason.

As a result of this 4 week project, we now have a wonderful solarium and green space that came about because of an initiative to promote good health. This wonderful addition to our outdoor living space promotes a tranquil outdoor living area to enjoy the comforts of the indoors, but directly inviting nature in to our community too. This provides a great new area for the residents on the third floor to enjoy a little bit of green-peace! Welcome to the third floor Oasis!