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Modern-day living steeped in Colonial elegance.

The town of Blue Bell reflects the history of the United States, from the town's beginnings in the 1700s to its economic success and exceptional quality of life for its residents today. It is also known for its elegant Colonial architecture, large executive-style mansions, major business parks, community shopping facilities, and local businesses, and it hosts several major corporations' global headquarters. 

In addition, here you are just a short drive from downtown Philadelphia, which offers an incredible selection of shops, restaurants, museums, theaters, sports arenas, and other attractions to satisfy almost anyone's tastes. 

Blue Bell is one of the most affluent areas in the outskirts of Philadelphia. We think you'll love it here. In fact, Blue Bell was ranked number 14 on Money magazine's list of the “100 Best Places to Live in the United States.” That kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

A bird is eating out of a resident's hands.


In the 1700s, the town of Blue Bell was originally known as "Pigeontown" because of the large flocks of now-extinct passenger pigeons, similar to mourning doves, that were once hunted here. In 1743, The White House opened as a local lodge for hunters and even served as a safe haven for rest and recuperation for General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. 

At the end of that century, a tower was built over the inn to hold an unusual blue bell, and The White House was renamed the Blue Bell Inn. In 1840, the townspeople decided to change the name of the town to Blue Bell after the unique blue bell above the inn.

Today, Blue Bell is an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, thereby offering its residents all the pleasures of small-town living combined with access to the conveniences and services of a major metropolitan area. 

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