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Easy living in the high desert.

If you’ve dreamt of fresh air, warm days, and painted skies, you’ve dreamt of Marana. A stone’s throw from Tucson, the city is as vibrant as the rugged Sonoran desert is breathtaking.  

Marana is one of Arizona’s fastest growing communities, and it’s easy to see why. Its walkable downtown invites leisurely strolls to restaurants, shops, and museums nearby. Turn the corner and you might stumble on one of the city’s many lively festivals. Moments later you could uncover treasures at a bustling vintage market. 

The incredible climate allows for outdoor activities all year-round. A trek through Saguaro National Park is a must, where you can hike among wildflowers in spring and gaze at the blanket of stars every night. 

When you’re here, the best of the Southwest waits right outside your door. Come see for yourself, and let the wide open spaces welcome you home.

A train on a railroad in Arizona.

A History of Marana

Though Marana wasn’t incorporated until 1977, its roots are ancient. It’s believed indigenous peoples have inhabited the region for at least 13,000 years. The Spanish settled here in the 17th century, merging with the local population, when farming became the primary way of life.

Almost two centuries later, the U.S. acquired the territory and expansion wasn’t far behind. In fact, railroad workers dubbed the town maraña, or “thicket”, after the dense brush they cleared to make way for railway lines.

Today Marana is a modern oasis that continues to thrive. But take in the desert petroglyphs, the local cuisine, and native culture, and you’ll see its rich history is still very much alive.

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