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Signature Programs


Programs thoughtfully designed to embody the hearts and souls of the people who thrive here.

At Sonrisa Senior Living, our Signature Programs are designed to help enhance your mind-body-spirit connection. Each program helps you grow, learn, connect, and feel your best. They will keep you engaged, active, and young at heart. 

Our Signature Programs have been recognized as best practices in senior living. They go beyond the ordinary to ensure you have ample opportunities to fill your days with joy, purpose, and as much (or as little) structure as you want. 

It’s the little things in life, right? Dive deeper into your interests, take on new challenges, indulge your curiosity, and lead your own wellness journey — whatever you want to do, we’re here to help.  

Residents enjoying an art class with canvases and paint brushes.

Watermark University

Discover new ways to connect, grow, and learn with an irresistible calendar of Watermark University classes, events, programs, and outings led by our very own residents, associates, and local experts.
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Residents enjoying virtual reality wearing goggles and holding controls.


Watermark’s virtual reality program uses cutting-edge technology to create interactive, virtual experiences that engage, inspire, and entertain.
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A resident out in the city with a naya caregiver.

Extraordinary Outings

Extraordinary Outings defy traditional expectations of what’s possible for residents in senior living, stepping beyond the ordinary to create meaningful experiences and joyful, lasting memories.
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A resident dancing to live music.

Resident Ambassadors

To make your welcome warmer, fellow residents share insider knowledge, make introductions, help you get settled, and share tips for easing into community life.
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