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Watermark Retirement Communities Opens Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care

November 21 2023
A beautiful modern lobby area.
Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care is now open and welcoming new members to its assisted living and memory care accommodations. Developed in collaboration with Alliance, one of the nation’s largest rental residential real estate developers, Sonrisa Assisted Living & Memory Care joins the existing Sonrisa Senior Living, an independent living community, to offer three levels of specialized care and support for seniors as they age. 

“We’re thrilled to open Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care and provide Roseville seniors with the care they need through every stage of their lives,” says David Barnes, CEO/President of Watermark Retirement Communities. “We’re confident that the opening of the Assisted Living and Memory Care neighborhoods will create a vibrant campus for seniors, allowing them to thrive while living a life of choice and possibility.”

Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care spans over 128,000 square feet and features 110 assisted living apartments and 26 memory care apartments. There’s an art studio for creativity classes, a dog park for residents to foster meaningful relationships with their pets, a theater for entertainment, a fitness studio and gym for wellness programming, and a garden for personal reflection and horticultural programming. 

“The experience we’re offering at Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care is centered around dignity, respect and joy,” says Jessica Galvez, Executive Director of Sonrisa Assisted Living & Memory Care. “Through our stunning space and robust list of programming, we’re creating a community where every resident feels valued and cared for - body, mind, and spirit.”


Engaging Programming

Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care is incorporating signature Watermark programming that is designed to engage residents and help them thrive. Watermark is also incorporating its Watermark University program, which creates a curriculum of classes led by residents, associates, and notable figures in the greater Sacramento area who will share their knowledge and passions with residents at the community. Residents will also be transported to exotic destinations through Watermark’s virtual reality program, EngageVR®, and get to explore the many attractions of Sacramento and Roseville through Watermark’s Extraordinary Outings program. 

Residents can also embark on a personalized wellness journey at Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care. Wellness experts can guide residents on a program that meets their own mind, body, and spirit wellness needs. Group fitness classes and one-on-one training helps residents meet their goals, as the on-site beauty salon encourages residents to take time for rest and self-care. 


Restaurant-Style Culinary Experiences

Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care also ensures that residents are served chef-prepared gourmet food in a restaurant-style setting. There’s both a restaurant for Assisted Living residents that encourages socialization, and an intimate dining room for Memory Care residents. At the helm of the kitchen is Chef Anthony Vo, an award-winning chef devoted to creating mouthwatering meals that nourish the body. In addition to preparing multiple healthful options, Chef Vo will lead cooking classes for residents through Watermark University, teaching them how to make global cuisines and simple meals. Even residents with memory loss or difficulty eating can enjoy beautifully prepared, nutritionally balanced meals through Watermark’s signature Gourmet Bites Cuisine program, thus enabling all residents to eat independently, restoring dignity in dining and ensuring mealtimes are opportunities for all residents to socialize. 


Personalized Care and Support

Associates at Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care provide 24/7 personalized care for all residents, including preventive health screenings and education. Assisted Living residents in particular are encouraged to be independent, explore new hobbies and take part in new activities while also receiving supportive care that meets their unique needs. They can enjoy comfortable and elegant living spaces designed to promote well-being, while enjoying the community’s many amenities, from fitness classes to spa treatments. 

For Memory Care residents, compassionate, experienced caregivers, called Nayas, guide residents through their day, treating every interaction as though they are caring for their own loved one. Memory Care residents live in a light-filled secure neighborhood filled with their mementos and belongings to make them feel truly at home. Residents spend time cooking meals together, creating scrapbooks, planting flowers, and listening to familiar music, discovering opportunities for meaningful growth each and every day. 

Potential residents and their families interested in joining the community can contact the leasing office at 279-999-1800

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Fill in the form, or call us at either 279-999-1800 (Independent Living) or 279-213-0047 (Assisted Living & Memory Care) to learn more.

Looking to join our team? Explore all career opportunities.