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Exceptional Dining at Alma

Enjoy classic continental American fare.

Alma, meaning "soul" in Spanish, brings us together for a refined dining experience that excites the palate and sparks cherished memories. Located in The Hacienda at Georgetown™, Alma celebrates the vibrant flavors of continental American cuisine infused with Southern influences. Each meal is thoughtfully crafted with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring every bite is filled with fresh, seasonal goodness and artful presentation.

With a carefully curated wine list and a warm, inviting ambience, Alma creates an elevated dining experience where attention to detail, exceptional service, and delectable cuisine make every occasion unforgettable. Here, guests are invited to savor memorable moments, share in good company, and embrace the joy of coming together over a delicious meal.

Our incredible partnership with the talented Chef Stephan Pyles continues through his hosting of unforgettable special events and hallmark cooking demonstrations, as well as through a selection of permanent menu items created by Chef Pyles himself. In this intimate, refined setting, every occasion is worth celebrating—mouthwatering cuisine, warm hospitality, and cherished moments of connection among friends, both old and new.