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Indulge your curiosity, and see the world in a completely new way.

From the depths of the deepest blue sea to the gleaming stars in the sky, let your imagination soar as the universe unfolds before your eyes. Is there a faraway land you’ve always wanted to learn about or a place filled with memories you’d give anything to visit again? EngageVR, Watermark’s virtual reality program, uses computer technology to create interactive virtual experiences that transport you to another place and time. You really can go anywhere at a moment’s notice — without ever leaving the comfort and security of your community.

The world lies before you, just waiting to be explored. Swim with dolphins, discover the sights and sounds of Paris, visit your childhood home, or take a journey through the majestic Grand Canyon. For something a little more out of this world, experience the Apollo 11 moon landing. Feeling daring? Reconnect with your sense of adventure on an African safari or pilot a fighter jet for a real rush of adrenaline. You can even surround yourself with adorable puppies and kittens in your new happy place. Punctuate your days with awe-inspiring adventures — no suitcase required.


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