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Continue your lifelong personal journey to a better you.

Fueling the body, engaging the mind, nurturing the spirit, and making new connections. Whole-person wellness is so much more than your physical and mental health. It’s a dynamic process filled with change and growth — a lifelong personal journey to a better you. It’s no secret that improving our overall health through wellness is vital to maintaining or gaining independence.

For three decades, Watermark communities have challenged the status quo and pushed boundaries for what senior living can really be. 360Well embodies our passion for helping you lead a fulfilling life on your terms. It’s a holistic approach rooted in the four key “circles” of wellness: mind, body, spirit, and community. While each serves an important role on its own, the circles are interconnected. Strengthening one dimension empowers each individual to strengthen the others.

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to mapping your own 360Well path. You’ll engage in a series of activities based on your needs and the areas of wellness you want to develop. You can then choose to travel your path independently or with your 360Well Coordinator serving as a guide. To support your journey, you’ll have full access to programming aligned with the 360Well circles, personal training to support your physical well-being, and programs designed to build connections and community.

360Well brings it all together for you — and, when everything comes full circle, the result is a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.


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