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Senior Living Toolkit


Your comprehensive guide to inspired senior living choices.

Searching for the perfect senior living community can be a significant step. Our Senior Living Toolkit is designed to guide you through the myriad of choices and considerations with ease. 

This resource is packed with insightful worksheets, detailed checklists, and essential information, all curated to empower you in making a choice that best fits your needs or those of your loved one. Moving to a senior living community is more than just finding a place to live — it’s about discovering where you can thrive and feel at home.

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Resources & Tools

Discover a wealth of resources, including a comprehensive guide to senior living options, a carefully crafted checklist for future planning, and expert tips on starting your search.

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Caregiver’s Guide

Read our practical tips for engaging in meaningful conversations with your parent and insights into recognizing signs that an aging loved one might need assistance.

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Financial Planning

You might be surprised to learn that the all-inclusive lifestyle of a senior living community is often more affordable or on par with the costs of maintaining a home. 

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Moving Made Easy

Find essential information for a smooth transition, featuring expert tips for effective downsizing and an insightful downsizing timeline.

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