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Discover Well-Being

Embark on a journey toward a healthier and happier life.

Maybe it’s a virtual vacation with Armchair Travels or an exciting chef demonstration. Perhaps it’s improving strength and balance with chair dancing or yoga. Whatever you desire, now is the time to cultivate your well-being. 

A resident is reading a book outside.

Stimulate your mind at any age with a wealth of exciting programs and services.

Visit with friends at the Adult Day Club, learn a new hobby, or unleash your artistic talents. Whether it’s meditation, mindfulness, reading, or painting, we’ve got a program that’s perfect for you.

Keep active with our wide range of fitness classes, regardless of your current physical capabilities.

From walking to yoga and physical therapy, jumpstart your journey to a stronger you.

Devour cuisine from expert chefs designed to nourish your body and delight your senses.

Have specific dietary preferences? From familiar tastes and comfort foods to bold flavors and adventurous selections, we’ve got the perfect dish for you.

Our team is only a phone call away when you need a spa day or salon services.

Treat yourself like you so richly deserve. Self-care is a vital component in any wellness routine.

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We’re happy you’re here.

Fill in the form, or call us at 520-316-8041 to learn more.