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Volunteer in April

April 16 2022
A senior woman with a volunteer shirt on hugging two younger girls.
April is a great time to volunteer for your favorite cause and it’s a wonderful opportunity to try something new and make friends. Get involved in a local project with family and friends. You’ll be doing your part to help others–and yourself! Volunteering is great for your mental and physical health and can even help you make new friends. It’s a win-win for everyone. Volunteering is a Win Win Win According to a study by the nonprofit coalition Independent Sector, almost 44 percent of people age 55 and over volunteer at least once a year. Does this number include you? If you don’t already volunteer, now is the perfect time to get involved. April is a time for National Volunteerism. The celebration was established in 1974 by a presidential proclamation that has been renewed every year since then. Organizations across the country host special events to highlight the value of their volunteers. It really is a win win win situation. You’ll win.

Volunteering can be fun, engaging and personally rewarding. Scientific studies have shown that individuals who volunteer enjoy emotional and physical benefits including lower blood pressure, increased self-worth and even a longer life. It’s a great way to make friends, thrive and stay active while putting your knowledge and life skills to good use. Charities and nonprofit efforts win. Take advantage and to seek out opportunities to contribute.

What worthy causes would you like to help? Are you interested in art, the environment or politics? Would you enjoy working with kids or shelter animals? Pick your passion and help a cause you care about. Your friends, family and the world benefit when you volunteer. Ask a friend to join you and make it twice as fun. Or start a new family tradition by inviting your children and grandchildren to volunteer with you. Volunteering helps people thrive at any age. Watermark communities are filled with people who love to volunteer their time and give back to the greater communities and the next generations. If you’d like to join us as we volunteer on various service projects, donation box stuffing party or fundraisers for local causes, please let us know. Select a cause that’s close to your heart, ask what you can do to help. Who knows, it may spark the beginning of a lifelong habit and a whole new you.