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Cheers to 100 Years, Marcy!

January 29 2019
white cake with sprinkles and happy birthday sticking out of the top
We have a rock star resident who is always such a ball of fun! Her name is Marcy and she just turned 100 years old! Our team decided to throw a mini-celebration before her formal party and Marcy and her friends had such a blast! We decided to have a Hat Party to honor her on her special day. All of the residents had so much fun and we laughed, had cake and enjoyed each other's company, some of us even danced! Marcy was given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. She loved every moment and was full of beautiful smiles. Her favorite part was the chocolate M&M cake! Everyone who attended the party had such a wonderful time! Happy 100th Birthday Marcy! We love you!!