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Living the good life in Tuckahoe, New York

A close-knit community in Westchester County.

Tuckahoe, New York prides itself on the multi-generations of families that live here. Homes get passed down from generation to generation because no one wants to leave this quaint, friendly community. There are not many places so close to such a large city that is this walkable; less than a  thirty-minute commute to Grand Central Station, yet a world away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. 

There’s always something going on. Locals fill the shops and restaurants near Crestwood Station and around Depot Square. The city also hosts many events throughout the year from the farmer’s market to outdoor film screenings and other seasonal events. Tuckahoe celebrates the strong sense of community residents have for their city. Young and old, everyone looks out for each other here.

Marble cylinders and wall.

Tuckahoe’s Rich History

Originally a Native American settlement, the name “Tuckahoe," means “it is globular," referring to a root of a plant that was roasted and eaten as bread. In the early nineteenth century, Tuckahoe became known as the “marble capital of the world." Brooklyn Borough Hall, the Washington Arch, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are a few of the many buildings constructed with Tuckahoe marble. The rail line and marble business brought hundreds of workers to the area, primarily of Irish, Scottish, and Italian ancestry. Roughly two-thirds of the residents in Tuckahoe today are of Italian ancestry. 

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