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Irish Bag Pipes with Sean Dalguar, Iona College Pipe Major

March 23 2018
marching line with people playing bagpipes and drums
Sean Dalguar, Iona College Pipe Major put on an incredible show for us last week! It really put us in the St. Patrick's Day mood! Sean's mother is from Dublin, Ireland so he grew up around bag pipes. He has been playing for over 10 years, and has no intentions of stopping now. Sean not only played, but he explained how the unique instrument works. 

He travels to Florida almost every week to perform in piping competitions during the month of March. If you are not familiar with the instrument, it can be pretty loud. Some of the residents actually took their hearing aides out so the music wasn't so loud. But no matter how loud it was, it was absolutely breathtaking. It was an honor having him play at The Fountains. Sean's performance was the perfect ending to the month of March.