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Learn more about the different ways assisted living honors your independence.

When you think of assisted living, you may imagine dull hallways and bingo cards, but that lifestyle is in the past. Today’s assisted living communities are centers for socialization, learning, and fun where residents benefit from a helping hand day to day.

We’ve gathered the following information to help you understand what assisted living is really about.

Two people with a dog on the couch.

Confronting Isolation and Loneliness

Living alone, the loss of family or friends, or hearing loss can all contribute to a secluded lifestyle. Learn steps to help ease feelings of loneliness.

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Two people walking in a garden.

Is It Time To Consider Assisted Living?

It’s not easy to pinpoint when it’s time to consider a move to assisted living, so it can be useful to keep a few things in mind to help guide your decision.

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Mitigating the Cost of Assisted Living

Many people worry about the affordability of assisted living. Remember these possible sources of financial support.

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Two people packing boxes.

Where To Begin With Downsizing

Moving to an assisted living community usually means moving into a smaller space. Use these professional tips to ease the challenges of downsizing.

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A person driving a car.

When Is It Time To Stop Driving?

Many assisted living communities employ a variety of options to help residents get around quickly and easily.

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A person eating food.

The Importance of Eating Well

Overcoming barriers to eating well isn’t just about having the right foods – it’s about enjoying mealtimes.

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A person sitting by a lily pond.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Many older adults find themselves feeling lonely or lacking a sense of purpose. This can strain mental and emotional health. To help address these issues, it can be useful to employ a holistic approach to wellness.

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A person walking with a resident.

Professional, Compassionate Care

When searching for professional care, look for signs that the community’s lifestyle and events align with your loved one’s interests.

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A person playing ping pong.

Focus on Independence and Fun

An active lifestyle has been shown to have tremendous physical and mental health benefits.

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People sitting in a cafe having coffee.

Reclaim Your Time

An assisted living community empowers residents to trade the stresses of homeownership for a relaxed lifestyle, freeing up the hours for things that truly matter.

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People in a painting class.

Peace of Mind

With full social calendars, engaging classes, and a lack of chores, assisted living communities empower older adults to enjoy a lifestyle of peace and security.

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Resources for You

Do you have questions about what assisted living is really like? Looking for information about when it may be time for an extra set of helping hands? Download our flyer series to gather helpful information and tips about assisted living, and decide if it’s right for you.

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