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Outstanding food, fun, and more await you in the Pearl District.

Formerly occupied by light industry, warehouses, and railroad classification yards, the Pearl District has been undergoing urban renewal for more than four decades. Today, it is one of Portland’s most well-known neighborhoods. The Pearl District is bordered by Old Town Chinatown, Downtown, Goose Hollow, and the Willamette River, offering the ideal location for luxury senior living in Portland. 

Enjoy your new neighborhood filled with unique boutiques, art galleries, cute coffee shops, and trendy restaurants. You’ll also find plenty of green spaces, parks, and other outdoor areas to relax in. Cobblestone streets and loading docks are subtle reminders of the Pearl District’s past.

There’s always something to do in the Pearl District. First Thursday is when art galleries open after hours, and local artists come together to showcase their pieces. If you’re a craft beer lover, the neighborhood has no shortage of craft breweries. Vintage shops offer large selections of apparel and collectibles. You’ll even find an indie-pop record store carrying a wide selection of vinyl records. 

A warehouse against a blue sky.

A History of the Pearl District

Railroad activity once dominated the Pearl District, especially after the Lewis and Clark Expedition. At one time, the area was primarily filled with train tracks, industrial sites, and gritty warehouses. During the 1970s and 1980s, artists noticed the area’s potential. They snatched up affordable studio spaces, encouraging other businesses to set up shop and revitalize the area. 

Legend has it that the Pearl was named after Pearl Marie Amhara. Ms. Amhara was an Ethiopian missionary actively involved in the art scene at the time. Government interest in the Pearl District followed, leading to the River District Urban Renewal Plan and the exciting neighborhood you can call home today.  

More History

What’s happening around the Pearl District.

Check out what’s happening in the neighborhood with live updates and events from art shows to concerts, entertainment and musical events, local festivals, and more. 

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Fill in the form, or call us at 503-303-1220 to learn more.

Looking to join our team? Explore all career opportunities.