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Affordability is often a primary concern for people considering a move to personal care. Ensure you take advantage of every opportunity for financial support and extra savings to help you mitigate these worries.

Diverse Funding Sources

For many, savings and Social Security income alone aren’t sufficient to cover personal care costs. A common strategy is to combine these assets with other financial resources, such as long-term care insurance benefits, home sale proceeds, and family members’ contributions. This multifaceted approach can help manage the expenses associated with personal care more effectively.

Leveraging Life Insurance

If you or your parent have a whole or universal life insurance policy with a built-up cash value from years of paid premiums, consider tapping into this resource. This option can provide significant funds, though assessing the impact this might have on the legacy left to heirs is essential. 

Veterans Benefits

Veterans and their survivors who are eligible for a Veterans Affairs pension and have documented physical or mental restrictions may qualify for an increase in their monthly benefits through an enhanced or special monthly pension. The Veterans Affairs website offers detailed information and applications, guidelines on what benefits are available, and how to apply.

Flexible Pricing Structures

Choosing a personal care community with flexible pricing can lead to substantial savings. Some communities offer apartments and suites at different price points based on their location within the building. Suites further from common areas, like the elevator or dining room, may be less expensive. This flexibility can make a significant difference in monthly expenses. Opting for a smaller apartment or suite may also reduce monthly costs without compromising access to services and quality of care. 

Take Advantage of Special Promotions

Keep an eye out for special promotions that personal care communities offer. These can include discounts on the entrance fee, a month of free rent, or waived application fees. Communities are often willing to negotiate on fees or may offer smaller apartments at a lower cost as they become available. Sales teams are eager to fill vacancies and may offer financial incentives to attract new residents. Engaging openly with sales representatives and inquiring about any ongoing promotions can lead to unexpected savings.

At Watermark Retirement Communities®, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate these options to live your best life and thrive in an environment that feels like home — without undue financial stress.


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