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Transforming senior living with passion and purpose for more than 30 years.

What do you call a person who sees possibilities, who looks at what is and imagines what can be? Some say “dreamer.” Others say “visionary.” And the doubters, well they say “fool.”

Back in 1985, David Freshwater took a chance. He saw those senior “homes” that told residents when to wake up, what time to eat, and how to “safely” stay entertained. He talked with the residents — the men and women who’d created businesses, raised families, played symphonies, penned novels, fought in wars — and heard how they yearned to keep on living, even as their bodies slowed down.

David Freshwate

“Keeping residents safe is not the same as keeping them well.”

David Freshwater


Your distinct lifestyle, your way.

Committed urbanite? Nature devotee? Ocean enthusiast? We’ve created more than 70 Watermark communities nationwide, geared to distinct lifestyles. Check out our Collections and discover the one that’s perfect for you.

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Passionate with Purpose

Meet Our Team

It’s a special set of values that marks each Watermark team member. A passion to serve seniors. A commitment to celebrate our residents who’ve led such interesting lives. A desire to take on both the “big and little” things that matter. Read their stories and smile.

Meet Our Team
A child is in school resting their arms and head on a pile of books.

Watermark for Kids

Our nonprofit organization helps underserved young people, ages 6–22, build character, strengthen leadership skills, and express creativity. From funding books and computers to dental implants and adapted wheelchairs, Watermark for Kids helps youngsters explore their passions and thrive.

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