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Life lived in a vibrant oasis of discovery.

Live here in the panoramic Sonoran Desert — with days of rejuvenating sunshine and one of the most vibrant communities in the Watermark Slate of retirement destinations — and you will know paradise. Life here at White Cliffs Senior Living marks a new beginning in a thriving home filled with a warm community of friends, plenty of creative opportunities, outings, and of course, breathtaking views of the Arizona landscape, and its famous sunsets.

No limits, no restrictions, no hesitation. You will learn new things and be challenged by new activities daily. Try classes in poetry, painting, poker, or spend downtime with the community pooch. You can learn Wii Bowling, attend a book club, Bible study, Music Therapy, Tai Chi and meditation, floral design, stretch and flex, and billiards just to start things off. You’ll have no shortage of new passion projects to pursue, alongside your favorite pastimes and interests.

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