Do what moves you in our
members-only fitness space.

Healthy longevity means sustaining wellness, vitality, and strength at every stage of life. From strength training to cardio, there is something for everyone and our ever-changing group classes are flexible and fun. Connect your mind and body during our weekly yoga and tai chi sessions classes, or get moving with water aerobics in our heated indoor saltwater pool. If one-on-one is more your speed, sign up for personal training sessions. 

Located in The Club, The Vitality Fitness Center offers the latest exercise technology, including state-of-the-art cardiovascular machines and universal weight machines, for focused workouts or pursuing specific goals such as increasing range of motion or regaining strength. Whether you’re interested in group classes, personal training, or physical therapy, our programs are ever-changing and tailored to the needs of our residents. 

Stay stronger for longer while you energize your body (and mind) with the benefits of a personalized fitness program. Our fitness and wellness experts and members-only programs are meant to help you feel your best. Make progress at your own pace, prioritize your needs and interests, and reap all the benefits.