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Helpful Hints When Selecting A Senior Living Community Like The Watermark At East Hill

April 03 2023
the outside sign at Water at East Hill
Below are a few helpful tips to consider when choosing a senior living community, like The Watermark at East Hill, because we know it's important to choose the right place for you or a loved one and we understand the process can be challenging at times. Hoping the following tips can help: Timing: Imagine yourself or a loved one five, seven, or even ten years from now. We often put off moving into a community until there is a crisis.  Why not make a decision at a more relaxed place in your life and consider what is truly important to you?

Where: In our experience, residents and loved ones alike, typically prefer a community that is relatively close to each other as it is comforting for everyone involved. Do you prefer a country, urban or suburban setting? Looking at the big picture and answering these questions allows you to refine your search and hone in on a specific region. What Community: Selecting a retirement community that meets your needs and defines your lifestyle is key whether you are looking for an Independent Living home or Assisted Living or Memory Care. Keep in my mind the culture whether it be the programs, dining, fitness, health and wellness, a library, continuum of care options, transportation or all of the above! Another important consideration when making a choice, are the staff and residents. Do you envision yourself or loved ones in the community and is there a sense of home?  When you do, it is there you will find what is best for all! Best wishes on your journey from The Watermark at East Hill!