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Live a vibrant life filled with joy and discovery.

With a full calendar of events, you’ll have little trouble finding things to discover and do at The Watermark at West Palm Beach. Expand your mind, keep your body working, and enrich your soul with friendly neighbors with whom you’ll share good times and unforgettable activities. Select from a full, ever-changing slate of engaging programs, challenging classes, and incredible outings. 

Through Watermark University, your calendar is always packed with enticing, ongoing classes, get-togethers, and unforgettable social events. Like what, you ask? Try your hand at photography, drawing, or painting classes, creative cooking, and ballroom dancing. Learn Spanish, Poetry 101, Music Therapy, Floral Design, Cake Decorating, Chair Aerobics or dozens of other activities. 

Stimulating the mind and strengthening the body are both critical at any age. Check out our full calendar of events and activities, you’ll discover new things to do and learn almost daily. Guaranteed.

Live here in sun-kissed southern Florida—with days of rejuvenating activities to stimulate mind, body, and spirit. The Watermark at West Palm Beach is one of the most vibrant and elegant communities in the Watermark slate of retirement destinations, located in one of the most beautiful and glamorous areas of Florida. Living here will mark a new beginning in a thriving home filled with a warm community of friends, plenty of creative opportunities, cultural and sporting outings, and of course, breathtaking views from our rooftop pool and lounge.

No limits, no restrictions, no hesitation. You will learn new things and be challenged by new activities daily. Try classes in flower arranging, pottery, or poker. Spend downtime with the community pooch. You can learn Wii Bowling, attend a book club, Bible study, tai chi, meditation, stretch and flex, and billiards, just to start things off. You’ll have no shortage of new or familiar passion projects to pursue.

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Questions? Interested in a tour? Want to attend one of our events? 

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