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Talk About Thriving at Age 100!

May 02 2019
A white birthday cake with sprinkles and a sign on top.
Grace Perrott turned 100 on May 1st! Family and friends had a BLAST celebrating her big day as live music filled the air paired with dancing, laughter, and terrific food. This was no typical gathering, it truly was a party full of life and a celebration of a life well lived! Grace said, "I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again!" This is how turning 100 should be spent and we all felt so privileged to be a part of such a phenomenal day! Grace is an amazing woman who is characterized by loving-kindness and joy. She has a happy heart and a smile on her face at all times. Her quick whit and sweet spirit are only a few reasons why people love being around her so much! We will never forget May 1, 2019 and all of the excitement that came with it!