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Caregivers at The Fountains

June 10 2021
A caregiver checking in on a person in a chair.
The Fountains caregivers are caring, compassionate and committed. Caregiving is not for the faint of heart, but rather for those with a very caring heart. It’s the compassionate care of our residents every day, but so much more that makes Fountains caregivers unique and special. On a daily basis our caregivers may go to retrieve a sweater on a chilly morning, find lost keys, bring room service to an apartment, assist with a soothing shower or sit and play a rousing game of scrabble! Caregiving goals are to make each day the best it can be for our residents! The Fountains also prides itself on the longevity of our staff. At this time we have a couple of caregivers with 20+ years of employment! At 10 years, there are even more. The continuity of care is essential for our residents. It is reassuring for them to see a familiar face each day. Our Caregivers are committed to creating extraordinary and innovative communities where our wonderful residents thrive.