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Take a seat at our table and stay awhile. Dining well is just one of the ways life is better at Watermark Laguna Niguel. Share a gourmet meal with friends in a relaxing, laid-back setting, and let the conversation (and wine) flow. Exchange stories about the day’s adventures and your new pursuits, and lose yourself in the laughter and engaging conversation that fills the air. Each meal is a culinary celebration of good taste, good health, and good company.  

We understand the powerful impact healthy eating can have on the healing and aging process. Here, healthy living is always on the menu, as talented chefs create flavorful, nutritious fare with locally sourced ingredients. With California cuisine always in season, we make it easy for you, your family, and friends to partake in the joys of nourishing your body while filling your heart.

Daily menu selections, including soups, salads, entrees, and decadent desserts, complement weekly chef’s specials. Menus will feature crave-worthy Healing Kitchens recipes created alongside Rebecca Katz, a nationally recognized expert on the role of food in supporting optimal health. With immune-boosting, antioxidant-rich, and nutrient-dense super ingredients, these recipes are designed to help build immunity, lower cholesterol, enhance memory, strengthen the heart, and reduce your chances of developing diabetes and other diseases. 

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Our exclusive restaurant for residents in Assisted Living, Seasons features an expansive menu with farm-fresh fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dine in our welcoming restaurant-style setting with gracious hospitality and impeccable attention to every detail. With a versatile menu keyed to the seasons, lose yourself in mouthwatering cuisine prepared daily.

Gourmet bites.

Gourmet Bites Cuisine

This groundbreaking signature program enhances your independence and brings back the joys of dining. Devour protein-packed, nutritionally balanced meals served as bite-sized hors d’oeuvres. No assistance and no utensils needed.
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