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Living Beyond Well

This is so much more than physical health and care. It’s the whole shebang.

Maybe it’s learning about art history or taking part in an exciting aquatic fitness class in the heated indoor pool. Perhaps it’s centering yourself with Tai Chi or practicing your composition in Photography. With Watermark University classes and complete access to The Club, our 20,000-square-foot wellness center, everything you need for your wellness journey is within reach.

A resident is reading a book outside.

Engage and connect with dozens of exciting programs.

Whether you want to learn a new skill or reconnect with an old hobby, you’ll find the perfect program or experience, all designed to help you focus on clarity and bring you joy. Whether it’s meditation, creative arts, reading, or rediscovering a beloved passion, our wellness experts are here to guide you.

Discover the benefits of powerful and purposeful movement.

Our state-of-the-art Vitality Fitness Center offers something for your physical capabilities. Our programs and classes are designed with seniors in mind. We can help you work on specific fitness objectives or increase your overall strength or range of motion. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you stay active as you want to be.

Delicious cuisine dedicated to good health and great taste.

Enjoy delectable and nutritious cuisine tailored to your specific culinary preferences. Whether you want a quick bite or an elegant multi-course dinner, discover how delicious healthy eating can be.

Look and feel your best.

Discover the benefits of our signature spa and salon treatments. Whether you want a relaxing massage, signature facial, or a fresh manicure and pedicure, a well-deserved spa day is only a phone call away.

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We’re happy you’re here.

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